As the most basic functional configuration in this  information times,Bluetooth speaker is all around us not only in pubic life but in business.As to the portable features, I believe that the consumer electronics which apply bluetooth technology have made a good explanation,such as mini speaker,computer speaker,home theatre player,portable audio player,karaoke speaker,wooden speaker,wireless bazooka speaker,etc.However,for the speaker,bluetooth technology are applied only in few years,the development speed of bluetooth speaker far exceeds the past prediction,we can say that the development of bluetooth technology that makes the real dream of wireless listening come true.wherever you are indoor or outdoor,it is free for you to use portable speaker or V5.0+EDR speaker and enjoy wireless music

mw195 led light bluetooth speaker

with the advantages of man-carried design and free listening,bluetooth speaker is more popular to the public. In the beginning of bluetooth speaker design,this product is just used for conveniently matching the current intelligentized sound source equipment to listen So,what is our target market for this high-tech speaker?

mw195 bluetooth speaker

The youth,firstly they are advancing with the times in life,and easy to accept new things.Secondly, the diversity of bluetooth speaker function which is a big temptation to young people and office people,such as enjoy the music function of record and hands-free call anywhere and anytime,besides,our bluetooth speaker supports 3.5mm input port and usb input port without pairing which do not only expand the application range of speaker,but also solve the trouble that middle and old age when they listen to music need to pair bluetooth function,The entertainment be no longer limited by the cable length range.No matter what you ride a bike,hike,ski or climb a mountain,bluetooth technology expands the range of amateur activity and brings real wireless experience



If you are outdoor enthusiasts,it is necessary to bring a mini speaker with three to five friends to enjoy the joys of music.Although insert card may be also convenient,the use of bluetooth function will show you higher taste.

While going uphill or downhill, you can enjoy wireless music of speaker,the footstep keeps forward on and on with the melody of music,and speaker also can support hands-free call,they achieve the wireless listening music in short distance with the most simple and convenient idea that keeps you far away from the radiation caused by mobile phones.


Escaping from the cumbersome job from Monday to Friday,you might prefer staying at home for a rest(surf on the internet and enjoy the gentle music)rather than participate an outdoor activity. When you run it indoors,remote control makes you better experience on the joys of  modern techonolgy,you could not see the messy cable any more at home,in addition to listening the music,the sense of beauty of home environment is added,and provide more originality and freedom for indoor test and study our products are applied to the overseas people,as a multi-functional speaker,both are applicable wherever it is in home entertainment or home business.

above all,whether you have been impulse of heart and intend to purchase a bluetooth speaker ?

But how to choose the suitable one to show its maximum value?by analyzing the feature,function,material,certificate and quality,i recommend you to choose.

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