mw186 wireless bluetooth speakerMW186 wood speakerportable bluetooth speaker


Brand Name:MYON   Model Number:MW-186    Type:Active  Use: Computer, Home Theatre Channels:2 (2.0) Special Feature:Portable, Wireless

Size:112mm*85mm*255mm  output power:6w  weight:560g  Material:Wooden+plastic  Output: 3.7V Loud speaker: 3Ω 3w *2    S/N radio: ≥80dB

PCS/CTN:20pcs  20GP:8000pcs

1. Multifunctional decoder chip, support music format :MP3/MP4/IPOD/Computer/USB/SD card and other device;
2. FM radio, preset 10 stations;
3. Support USB/SD/MMC card/AUX;
4.Built-in rechargeable li-battery;
5.MINI/5P USB recharge and audio in.

Shenzhen MYON Technology Co., Ltd. It is a professional manufacturer of bluetooth speaker. ,such as mini speaker, outdoor speaker, wooden portable speakers, tower speakers, LED speakers, fashion speakers, and other electronic gifts, Disney and other well-known domestic and foreign brands have provided service product customization, and received praise from domestic and foreign customers. The company has 200 square meters of office buildings and more than 800 square meters of factory buildings, complete equipment production testing and continuous innovation team, comprehensive implementation of quality standards management system, comprehensive improvement of modern production processes, various digital products are now sold to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. It has provided a large number of digital products for the domestic and foreign markets, and has won customers ‘praise for its high quality and high cost performance.
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enterprise culture
Emphasis on science and technology
We are fully aware of the importance of science and technology. Our founding declaration determined that the best research results such as universities and research institutes will be turned into products and commodities. ” In addition, we have vigorously introduced advanced technology at home and abroad.
Do your best.
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Continuous innovation
Innovation is an important part of our corporate culture. Our science and technology, management, sales and other aspects are not blind to others, never behind others. “Our consistent practice is to be unique and to send out predecessors. The recruitment method of” no questions, no words, and no writing “for graduates is to objectively and impartially evaluate candidates, recruit talents from the world, and enhance the vitality of the company.
Mutual respect, mutual love, mutual respect.
Every one of our employees, no matter what, we love each other, we respect each other. During working hours, everyone wears the same jacket and eats together in an ungraded restaurant, like a large family.